What is a D-Group?

A D-Group is a small group of believers (3-5 people) that regularly meet together to study God’s Word which fosters an atmosphere of fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. Each D-Group at PPBC should help one another grow in their relationship with Christ. Ideally, each D-Group meets for 3-6 months and then replicates into new D-Groups in order to make more disciples of Christ.

Why is PPBC offering D-Groups?

PPBC offers a D-Group ministry in order to fulfill Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations! D-Groups give every member at PPBC the opportunity to glorify God by making disciples. While Sunday School classes are great avenues for teaching God’s Word, oftentimes, these larger classes do not foster accountability and deep relationships needed for discipleship.

Can I get involved in the D-Group?

If you would like to be discipled, or if you are interested in leading a D-Group, please email Michael Holyfield.

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